Party Girl

She's the life of the party, this Party Girl is,
'Cause making folks happy - that's her biz;
You'll never find anyone calling her Ms.;
At having a good time, this kid's a whiz.

She goes to a party almost every night,
Someplace around our old town,
And sometimes at two or three parties she might,
In the course of an evening be found;
While some people might feel that this isn't right,
And maybe start putting her down,
She just keeps her party goals firmly in sight,
And continues making the rounds.

She takes in all kinds of parties, you see,
The large as well as the small,
She doesn't care what kind of scene it might be,
She covers them, one and all;
She never will say that she won't be free,
This Party Girl won't stall,
A beer-bash, a wedding, or even a tea,
She answers every call.

She knows all the watering holes first hand,
And who serves the most scrumptious meals,
And where you can find your favorite band,
And who has the classiest wheels.
She seeks out the best, on sea or on land,
And lets you know how she feels,
To be happy as sin, to be partying and,
She laughs and giggles and squeals.

She's good at getting publicity, too,
Or avoiding it if that is better.
Every party to her is brand new,
And she'll savor it if you will let her.
If you think she's no asset to have around you,
Well, brother you'd better not bet her,
'Cause I'll tell you that she has seen more than a few,
And she keeps getting better and better.

She's out almost every night,
Not home with her children, you know;
And some feel that this isn't right,
To always be on the go.

She wasn't always a Party Girl,
Wrapped up in the big social whirl,
Going to weddings of strangers
She happened to meet.

She was wife and lover and mother and nurse,
And for her there was no greater treat,
Than to cook for her family, wash their dirty clothes,
Change baby's diapers and then wipe his nose.

Then her husband was killed in a wreck and her life,
Was changed because she was no longer a wife,
But was left all alone, with all of the strife,
Of deciding which way she should go.

Welfare was out, no she wouldn't do that,
A handout was not her style.
No, she'd care for her kids, and she'd work for their keep,
And she'd do it all with a smile.
Her first job was calling up folks on the phone
To sell them an item or two,
Then she worked as a waitress at night all alone,
But she soon saw that this wouldn't do.

She scrubbed public toilets at a neighborhood park
To pay for flu shots for her kids,
She always was working, in daylight or dark,
You'll never know how much she did.
She put food on the table and at the same time
Kept her family together, and while
She was doing all this - it might blow your mind -
She never did lose her smile!

She was friendly to people she'd meet through the day,
And never complained at all;
Never a negative word would she say,
She always stood smiling and tall.
She never blamed problems on anyone else,
Or made an excuse for a goof.
She accepted all of her mistakes herself,
And more if you knew the truth.

Her smile and her hard work finally paid off,
When she got a call one day,
To become a Party Girl - now don't scoff
Till you've heard what I have to say:

She sets up all kinds of parties, you see,
The large as well as the small,
She doesn't care what kind of scene it might be,
She arranges them one and all.

You tell her what kind of a party to plan,
And buy the supplies from her boss,
Then leave all the details right in her hands,
And a beautiful party she'll toss.
She'll come with her smile to make sure it's okay,
That everything's going just right;
As long as you need her, she's willing to stay,
Though it means she'll get home late at night.

She's the life of the party, laughing it up,
There in the midst of the crowd,
Letting a waiter she knows fill her cup,
And feeling so very proud.
For first she's a mother who cared for her clan,
She did what she had to do;
And she's never forgotten that one special man,
To him she's always been true.

How petty our problems seem,
How foolish our little games,
When measured against someone
Who has smiled through so many pains.