I Love You

I'll greet every day with love in my heart,
And a bounty of love I will try to impart
To each whose life, in some small way,
I'll chance to touch throughout the day.

I'll carefully watch every word that I say,
And do my best to not go astray.
If I can stop hating one person, you see,
I know love will blossom and grow within me.

For just as an acorn becomes a great tree,
A small seed of love when planted in me
Will have faith and sprout, and reach for the light,
Believing that day always follows the night.

Remembering love, I will always do right,
And never find cause to argue or fight;
For if I am armed with nothing but love,
I can claim all the power of heaven above.

A little bird told me, I think 'twas a dove,
To always remember just what I'm part of:
'Tis everything everywhere under the sun,
Yes, I am a part of everyone.

So when everything has been all said and done,
You see that the universe is only one
Gigantic expression of the Creator's dream,
Though to us it looks like a fragmented scene.

So there's never a cause to be cold or be mean,
When by looking around it can clearly be seen,
That we reap what we sow, be it bouquet or dart,
So failing to love - well, it just ain't smart.

So I'll greet every day with love in my heart,
As I travel through life, playing my part;
For I know it's not reason, but more like an art,
To live every day with love in my heart.